Okay so I was requested to post a face pic, but I have a feeling once you’ve all seen my face, I may lose followers hahahaa!!! If the majority of you want to then I will, otherwise I’m gonna leave myself faceless here.. Adds a little mystery right?!?!?! ;) xx

Hey all,

Apologies for the lack of new stuff. Have been flat out with work and I was out with the flu for a while there. Hopefully get around to all your requests very soon!! Promise ;)
Also a massive thank you to all you horny people following me. Not far from 1K! Never thought I’d ever receive that amount of attention… Now just need to get my stuff reblogged ;P
Lots of love xx

Was requested to use a toy. Decided not to turn the toy on as it’s a bit loud :/ I think I need to get a bigger toy!!! This just doesn’t cut it :( oh well. Hope you like it. Inbox me ;) also apologies for the music playing hahahaha!

In need of Birthday spanks for Friday ;)